breakfast: oatmeal+fruit+tea or coffee+usually some juice

lunch: pasta or rice, some sauce, veggies or/and salad, chicken or fish

dinner: love love love salad for dinner with either chicken or fish or mozzarella, feta etc and a bunch of raw veggies and fruit (corn, cucumber, carotts, olives, pepper, tomatoes, dried cranberries …) and I usually have nuts in it:)

snacks: FRUIT, protein shakes, granola bars, FRUIT, Jogurt, Homemade Ice Cream, FRUIT, …. 

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well I can basically tell you here :) I did that routine 5-6 times a week during those 2 months, I did 30minutes of slow running (more of jogging) and then 15 minutes of just walking fast, after that I moved on to some body toning exercises: normal crunches, russian twists, side crunches, sit ups, squads, lunges, push ups, and leg raises. I did 3 sets each 25 and on the last set I always did as many as I could do! I have changed my workout a lot since that tho and I am now working with light weights and stationary bicycles. But really it doesn’t matter what you do all that much, for me it was just a lot of Cardio and some toning :)

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Some people were asking me about what I did to help me on doing the splits.  This was it. I’ve done it 1-2 times a day for the last few weeks.
I have no idea who created this, which is why there is no credit.  If someone sees this and knows please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due.
Happy Monday :)


The P90X ones work on here guys!


Diet Health:

Worlds Fastest Workout Video

Britney Spears Abs

Kim Kardashian Butt

Victoria’s Secret

Erin’s Workout

Selita’s Workout P1 & P2


Cardio Exercise

Get Hot Cardio

Kiss My Tight Booty

Feel The Burn

Tight, Toned, Trim


Fit Test

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Cardio Power & Resistance

Cardio Recovery

Pure Cardio

Cardio Abs

Core Cardio & Balance

Max Interval Circuit

Max Interval Plyo

Max Cardio Conditioning

Max Recovery

Insane Abs

Max Interval Sports Training

Upper Body Weight Training

Jillian Michaels
30 Day Shred:

Level 1
Level 2

Level 3

Ripped in 30:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

6 Week 6 Pack:

Level 1

Level 2

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

No More Trouble Zones

Yoga Meltdown

Carmen Electra:

Aerobic Striptease

Fit to Strip

In the Bedroom

The Biggest Loser:

Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start Workout

Biggest Loser Cardio Max Workout

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

Biggest Loser Boot Camp Workout

Turbo Jam:

T3 - Totally Tubular Turbo

Cardio Party Mix 1

Cardio Party Mix 2

Cardio Party Mix 3

Fat Blaster


Chest and Back/Ab Ripper X


Legs and Back

Yoga X

Cardio X

Kenpo X

Shoulders and Arms

Core Synergetics

Stretch X

Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps

Back and Biceps

Tone It Up:

Bikini Abs & Thighs

Sandcastle Workout

Bikini Blast Circuit Workout

Bikini Beach Bum Workout

POP Pilates:

Intense Ab Workout

Saddlebag Shaver

Tricep Toner

Butt Blaster

New Body Make Over

Back Attack

Inner Thighs and Calves

Inner Thigh Insanity

Stretching for Flexibility

Summer Slim Down pt 1

Summer Slim Down pt 2

Arm Attack

Lower Belly Pooch Attack

Thighs, Core, and Shoulders

Legs and Thighs

Beginners Total Body

Crazy Core Workout

Serious Standing for Legs, Butt, Obliques

Love Handles Exterminator

Obliques Ultimate

You’ve Got Abs Challenge!

Flat Abs Challenge

3 Minute Ab Challenge

Slimming Inner Thighs & Calves

Standing Pilates for Legs, Butt & Obliques

Super Butt Workout


Dashama Sun Salutations video

Dashama Sun Salutations 2 video

Dashama Hip Stretches

Tara Stiles Bend It Like Tara video

sadienardini 40 minute yoga weight loss videos  Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Yoga Fitness Plus 45 minute video Beginner Yoga 20 minute video Yoga Sculpt 30 minute video Yoga Fitness Fusion 45 minute video

Yogis Anonymous Hurts So Good Power Yoga 95 minute video

Yogis Anonymous Blissed Flow Yoga 90 minute

Post Running Stretch video from FlexibleWarriorYoga

No Equipment Home Workout

Couch to 5K

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Linds, so incredibly beautiful.